This cleaning option is provided by Blue Brush Cleaning to meet residential and high turnover property needs. Our teams quickly turn apartments, offices, and other rented spaces so that your properties don't remain vacant and new tenants feel right at home.
$95 Per Visit
(Price varies depending on size and frequency)
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No job too BIG OR TOO for our CLEANING team

Moving out of an apartment or home is stressful enough. Add cleaning on top of that and that’s a whole new level of stress for you. Let us take care of the cleaning part.

Moving into an apartment or home can be stressful if you find out your place wasn’t cleaned the way it should have been. Let us take care of your move in cleaning needs.


Selling a property? Having a clean business, house, apartment can be a huge part of making that sell. Let us take care of the cleaning the proper way and make it shine.


Spring Cleaning or Deep Cleaning season? You’ve got better things to do. Let us take care of your deep cleaning needs.


Anything from a single apartment, small home, big home, couple of apartments, or a whole apartment building, Our team is ready to tackle any move out/in or deep/cleaning cleaning job.

About our cleaners and cleaning company
All cleaners go through an in depth hiring process involving background checks
Licensed and Insured
We are flexible according to your schedule needs
We are a company you can trust when coming into your property
White glove quality inspection done at completion
We can also provide before and after pictures
We can also include windows in and out
Carpet Cleaning (optional)
Examples of cleaning
Regular/basic items- Bathrooms cleaned, dusting, garbage taken out, sweep & mop, vacuum, mirrors/sinks/counters cleaned and polished, disinfect regular used items/fixtures, hard water removed,  dishes done (if needed) and beds made (if needed).
Deep items- blinds, tracks, trim, sills/tracks, walls, doors, baseboards, air vent covers, ceiling and light fixtures, grout cleaning, and furniture (optional)

We pride ourselves in honest pricing.  We want to be as transparent as possible so you can feel comfortable and depend on Blue Brush for all your cleaning needs. Text, call or chat with us to receive an estimate.


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