Below is a list of all the different kinds of cleaning packages we offer that you can select for a one-time or ongoing visit.  You can also compare all the feature below.



General Cleanup- dishes, trash/replace liners & organize
Table & Counters- clean & polish
Floors- sweep, mop, vacuum

Microwave- clean inside & outside
Dusting- dust knick knacks & displays
Dishwasher (in and out)
Oven- Exterior clean & polish

Fridge- exterior clean & polish
Base boards, door knobs, and light switches
Lights - dust & clean, replace bulbs if necessary
Interior Cleaning of Oven
Fridge- Interior clean (organize if desired)
Wood & Leather Furniture- dust & polish
Trash bins/trash compactor- clean inside & outside
Cabinets, open shelves, backsplash, walls- spot clean & dry
Sink Window, glass doors, window sills, & dust blinds
Sink & chrome- scrub, rinse, and polish
Move fridge, clean underneath, drip trays, coils, plate
Move stove, clean underneath, and inside drawer
Dust/wipe down inside of drawers & cabinets
MAin areas
(office, cubicles, exam room, waiting room, reception area, conference room, showroom, warehouse)
General Cleanup- trash/replace liners, & organize (we keep papers/documents sitting where they are in less told otherwise)
Vacuum/sweep/mop floors
Clean door entrance (glass & frame)
Dust equipment & furniture/work tables/coffee table
Trash bins- clean inside & outside
Dust & polish wood/leather furniture, knick knacks, shelves, lamps and wall hangings
Dust & polish tv’s/screens, and computers (screens & towers) and telephones
Dust & polish stair railing & banisters
Vacuum furniture (sofas, couches, love sacs, etc.)
Clean window sills & dust blinds
Cabinets, open shelves, backsplash, walls- spot clean & dry
Baseboards, doors, door knobs, and light switches, drinking fountain
Cubicles- Dust & clean
Dust/wipe down inside of drawers & cabinets
General cleanup- trash/replace liners, & organize
Clean & polish mirror/lights
Sink & chrome- scrub, rinse, and polish
Clean & polish counters
Toilets & urinals- clean & sanitize (out/in)
Vacuum/sweep/mop floors
Dust towel racks, toilet paper holders and shelves
Clean soap/paper towel dispensers/hand dryers
Restock supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, soap)
Dust knick knacks & displays
Shower door, tracks and glass (in/out)
Baseboards, backsplash, doors, door knobs and light switches
Scrub tub, shower floor, walls, and grout
Cabinets, window sills and dust blinds
Dust/wipe down inside of cabinets & drawers
Extra optional Cleaning
Air vents- Remove & wash, vacuum inside out (Deep)
Wash draperies & shower curtains (Deluxe)
Clean & sanitize kid’s toys (Deluxe)
Ceiling fan blades- Dust or wash (Deep)
Remove stains from furniture (Deluxe)
Interior dishwasher cleaning (Deep)
Descale faucets (Deluxe)